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データセキュリティを最優先にするプラットフォームで作業できます。Confirmation のサービスは、主要な業界基準に準拠しており、毎年何百ものセキュリティ監査に合格しています。


Receive confirmation responses quickly and cut your costs in half (versus the cost of paper).




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"Going forward, we are moving in the direction of paperless, technology-driven audits. With Confirmation, we have been able to streamline, automate and digitise the confirmation process with zero client interference, helping us meet the requirements of SA505."

Shalu Kedia

Associate Director

“Technology-driven, paperless audits are the way forward. External confirmations, as mandated in SA 505, are usually a manual, client-dependent process. Confirmation’s paperless automated service helps us comply with SA 505, significantly improve the audit quality, and bring in greater efficiencies within the audit.”

K. M. Ranjith


"Confirmation has really helped us in automating and streamlining our audit process for requesting and receiving balance confirmation certificate and meeting SA505 requirements. It has helped us to save time and costs involved in manual process followed earlier. It provides us with single client-specific dashboard which enables our audit team to track and monitor every confirmation."

Girish Padiyar


"Confirmation allows us to respond to audit legal inquiry letters electronically. We can track all the requests in one place, reduce the time we spend on couriers, emails and phone calls, and ensure a 100% response rate. Our clients also appreciate that the solution helps us close their audit faster."

Nilanjan Ghose 


"Confirmation makes requesting bank letters more efficient, especially with the training provided. We now have a modern process to obtain quality audit evidence through an encrypted platform. We are also seeing bank letters returned before the audit starts, and with accurate financial data, which saves us time and money on our audits."

Daniel Dalla 


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