Say ‘Hello’ to Our New Brand

I’m excited to announce is now Confirmation. Our new brand and logo mark a pivotal milestone in our journey, providing an opportunity to reflect on everything the Confirmation brand has stood for and everything that we aspire to become.

Since our founding in 2000, Confirmation has experienced tremendous growth. Our journey started with a vision to revolutionize a 100-year-old, paper-based audit confirmation process that was both inefficient and open to high risk of fraud. This vision has expanded throughout the years to serve more customers, and Confirmation is now the trusted choice for easy validation of financial and other sensitive data.

Today, Confirmation helps nearly a million and a half clients across 160 countries confirm more than $1 trillion in financial transactions every year. Every day, we hear from customers who tell us how Confirmation is making their work easier and more secure. Over the years, our Confirmation service has been used to catch billions of dollars in fraud. These stories tell us that Confirmation is part of something bigger than itself, and that is what motivates us to build the best company we can. Our refreshed brand reflects the confidence that Confirmation instills in our customers, and that they, in turn, give back to us.

Our purpose is clear: We help you find truth faster. That idea underlies all our work here at Confirmation, and we will never stop striving to deliver on its promise. Throughout the process of evolving our brand, we have looked to our past for inspiration for the future. We started as a new way to make the confirmation process more efficient and help auditors catch fraud, and that will never change. But with the evolution of technology and the market demand for our product, Confirmation has become the essential and invaluable tool to not only auditors, but bankers, lawyers, and creditors around the world. Our brand now reflects our broader purpose and is a public declaration of our excitement and optimism for Confirmation’s future.

You can see our new brand across our updated website. Click to our homepage, our clients page, and our resources page for a few points where you can experience our new look. 

Thank you for using Confirmation and for being part of our story,

Brian Fox, CPA
President and Founder, Confirmation